Building a Fence

Today I built a fence

I bought premium lumber

And I fastened it together with all of my best arguments


My fence is tall and grand

It defines my space

And separates what is yours from what is mine


The view from inside is comforting

My dogs do not stray

And the wind enters broken


The grass doesn’t grow here anymore

I pace around the trampled soil  

And I call out through the cracks of my planked security



5 thoughts on “Building a Fence”

      1. Of course.

        A fence is the border of a thing. From the outside, it is what the world will see. A facade might be off, because in the end building the fence makes it something of one’s self. Another part. Fastened together with the best arguments is interesting, because the reader can only wonder if these arguments are meant quell the inquisitions of the world, or the ones generated within But that is the character of a fence. It will keep things out, just as well as it keeps things in. I think fences are important to an extent, but not to the exclusion of a good smart gate.
        What’s familiar is comforting. We grow attached to a thing, a habit, someone or an idea. The prospect of walking away from this forces us to question all of the work we put into building it, and in what we watched walk on by the fence wall as we sat with it. That’s hard. It has a name. Cognitive dissonance, it’s unpleasant.
        If there is no grass and the ground is worn bare, and the fence seems as much a prison as it does protection, it no longer serves. A lot of people will spend their whole lives here, even when they can clearly see how lush and promise filled it is just on the other side. That is a tragedy, to loose the battle within. But it isn’t lost, if one is still pulling out those fasteners, even if just one at a time.

        Or you could just be alluding to the degree of separation and safety provided by social media that ultimately denies any true social fulfillment. One of the two. Haha!

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      2. Your interpretation was so much more enjoyable to read than my poem! Thank you for taking the time to write something so thoughtful. What you said, it was very much in line with what I was trying to convey.

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